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Costa Rica Nature Escape will follow all applicable legislation and in cases where we consider insufficient, we will create our own policies that will go a step ahead; and will adhere to all other requisites of sustainability to which our travel agency subscribes to.

We recognize that in this way we not only contribute with the environment but also have our own benefits.  We better our environmental performance and prevent contamination, establishing procedures that allow us to identify, value and control environmental aspects of our activities.

  • Waste - All waste from our company, our tours, our homes and our community in a correct way.
    • Separation of waste (recyclables: paper, plastic, metals. Separate contaminating waste, others).
    • Deliver waste to the appropriate party.
  • Supplies - We do our best to buy and use products that are biodegradable, returnable, recycled, o recyclable to minimize the impact on the environment.
  • Generate, maintain and use sustainability categorization lists that are designed to give priority to companies that are committed to the environment.
  • Saving-reducing in general is determined as an opportunity to lower costs and contribute with the environment, we promote global saving and reducing according to each individual's judgement, some examples:
    • Paper - give priority to computerized systems, print only when necessary, reuse paper for your notes and in the printer for non formal documents.
    • Electricity - Use energy saving light bulbs like fluorescent or the newer led technology, use time clocks for appliances that are not used constantly or will be off for long periods (water dispenser), turn off any appliance you are not using, prefer appliances that have an energy saving feature, make sure everything is turned off when you leave the office, use only the required lights
    • Water – Report at once any leak, show all personnel that we should open the faucet only in the moment of use for some benefit. Implement Dams method to save water in the toilet by placing a half liter bottle in the toilet tank.
  • Protect the attractions we use by respecting the load capacity lists, so we do not send an excess of visitors on our tours, quotes and packages we offer.
  • Create, use and maintain manuals to direct the efforts of sustainability and contribution to the environment.
  • Report any contamination in the areas we visit or pass through.
  • Promote that all personnel adhere to these ideas and take them to their area of influence (home, community, place of study, etc.).
  • Promote the local values and culture and support conservation and development initiatives that promote the human development in the communities visited in each tour.


In Costa Rica we protect our boys, girls and teens. Sexual exploitation of minors is a crime and punished with jail.


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